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Information for new hires

Information for new hires

Welcome to the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA). As a regularly appointed employee you and your eligible dependents have access to a comprehensive package of health and insurance benefits. Please review the Employee Benefits Guide which gives you a summary of benefits available to you.

The following forms must be submitted to Human Resources within 30 days from your date of hire:

Note: If you do not return your forms within 30 days of your date of hire, you will have to wait for the next annual open enrollment, you will miss the opportunity to sign up on a guaranteed issue, and default coverage may be assigned.

Seattle Housing Authority is subject to the City of Seattle's eligibility rules and regulations for the benefits that we receive through them, such as medical, dental, vision, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Basic and Supplemental Life insurance, and Basic and Supplemental Long Term Disability.

Any request from an employee that is outside the guidelines set by the City of Seattle requires written approval from the City.

The City of Seattle intends to continue these plans indefinitely, but reserves the right to amend or terminate them at any time in whole or part, for any reason, according to the amendment and termination procedures described in the legal documents.

The Benefits Guide does not create a contract of employment with Seattle Housing Authority or its employees.

Please note: We've made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this information. If there is any discrepancy between the guide, the insurance contracts, other legal documents, or the terms of an authorized collective bargaining agreement, then the applicable contracts, legal documents and applicable collective bargaining agreements will always govern.