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In addition to the services Seattle Housing Authority coordinates, tenants can access services from a variety of providers in the City of Seattle.

A good place to learn about the range of care available is  2-1-1- Washington Information Network.  Call 2-1-1, or visit

Through this information network, individuals can receive crisis support, learn about education, employment and financial empowerment, seek information on services for individuals with disabilities, gain access to food support, learn about healthcare and mental health support options, find support for immigrant/refugee issues including citizenship, and get help for victims of domestic violence and trafficking.

2-1-1 - Washington Information Network




Rent assistance

Utility bill assistance

Security deposit assistance

Neighborhood Guide

Legal services

Financial services /tax returns

Citizenship and Immigration


Social Security

Non-SHA housing resources

Register to vote

Please note that types of services, qualifications, and availability changes often. The best source of current information about each of these programs is through the program itself.